A Retrospective: 20 Tracks From 2014 That I Haven’t Forgotten (Part 2)

Posted by Adam on 13th September 2015

As I said in my original article music is becoming more and more disposable. It seems that every week there’s more new music being released than the week before.

Here’s part 2 of my retrospective of some track from 2014 that I haven’t forgotten. You can check out part 1 here.

Kicking off part 2 is this belter by Hidden Element taken from Med School’s New Blood 014 compilation. Buy on iTunes.

An absolute anthem from Icicle & Skittles taken from his 2nd album Entropy. Buy on iTunes.

Here’s another one that I’m willing to guess that very few of you came across last year. Small Birmingham based label Skutta Records dropped this serious stomper from Resound. Buy on iTunes.

Technimatic’s debut album wasn’t just one of the best albums of 2014 it’s one of my favourite of all time. It’s a gorgeous piece of work that balances melody and musicality with a good old bit of DnB aggressiveness. This was one of my favorites. Buy on iTunes.

I’ve waxed lyrical about this one since it came out on Addictive Behaviour last year and I’ve no intention of stopping. L 33 killed it with this one.

Nu:Tone put his stamp on BCee’s already brilliant track Back To The Street to create this beauty. This is a real highlight from last year for me. Buy on iTunes.

Slang Banger burst onto the scene last year with a huuuuuuge single on Program. It’s a close call but this is my pick of the 2 tracks. Buy on iTunes.

There really is only one Digital and in 2014 he was back with a vengeance with a stream of massive tunes. This one on Horizons Music though was on another level. Buy on iTunes.

This one from Mutated Forms allegedly, for one reason or another, took 5 years to get a release and I’m glad that it did see the light of day. Absolute vibes on Blu Mar Ten Music. Buy on iTunes.

And we finish off with something extra special from N3gus and Jakes. This one’s still on heavy rotation. Buy on iTunes.

Addictive BehaviourBCeeBlu Mar Ten MusicDigitalHidden ElementHorizons MusicIcicleL 33Med School MusicMutated FormsN3GUSNu:TonePowerOf3 MusicProgramResoundShogun AudioSkittlesSkutta RecordsSlang BangerSpearhead RecordsTechnimatic

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