A Retrospective: 20 Tracks From 2014 That I Haven’t Forgotten (Part 1)

Posted by Adam on 2nd September 2015

Sadly there’s no doubt that music is now more disposable then ever and, in a scene like Drum & Bass which on the grand scale of things is a small scene, it’s even more obvious.

With the loss of duplate culture tunes aren’t played out for months by a select few that have been down the cutting house to get a copy. Now every DJ is on a mailing list or 20 and will get bombarded with promos on a daily basis from labels hoping to get their tunes played out.

As quickly as the latest “banger” is played and released it’s been forgotten and there’s another 10 doing the rounds, ready to be forgotten. So here, in the universally agreed best format for anything, is a list of tunes from 2014 that I haven’t forgotten.

Insideinfo went to town on his remix of Hybrid Minds’ Meant To Be for the Mountains Remixed album. This is actually one of my favourite tunes in a very long time, not just 2014. Buy on iTunes

I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that the vast majority of you missed this one but it’s well worthy of it’s place on this list. Vibes from Neuropol. Buy on iTunes

Absolute banger from Mind Vortex now. Big club tracks suffer the worst for disappearing as fast as they came around but this one has stayed on rotation since release. Buy on iTunes

Kimyan Law’s Coeur Calme was actually my favourite album from 2014. It’s just so different, organic and original – and with constant pressure to shift units originality is a risk a lot of artists/labels aren’t taking these days. Anyway – this is my favourite track from mt favourite album of 2014. Buy on iTunes

We’re back with Ram now but it’s Delta Heavy having smoke blown up their bottoms this time. Reborn is a wicked, aggressive roller with those angelic vocals. Buy on iTunes

Joe Ford tried something different with this one and it definitely paid off. Buy on iTunes

One of Hospital’s newest signings Krakota announced his presence in a big way with Xylo. Vibes b2b vibes on this one. Buy on iTunes

The most rinsed track from Ulterior Motive’s album The Fourth Wall but for good reason – its siiick! Buy on iTunes

Ulterior Motive again now and here’s what the did to Blu Mar Ten’s In Your Eyes. Next level remix if you ask me. Buy on iTunes

Spectrem took the less is more approach for his single on Technique and created this cracking roller. How can anyone resist a reece! Buy on iTunes

Keep your eyes peeled for part 2 coming next week…

Blu Mar TenDelta HeavyHybrid MindsInsideInfoJoe FordKimyan LawKrakotaMind VortexNeuropolSpectremUlterior Motive

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