I Take A Look Back At The History Of Blu Mar Ten As They Celebrate Their 20th Anniversary

Posted by Adam on 23rd August 2015

This weekend one of the biggest, most respected and well loved acts in Drum & Bass, Blu Mar Ten, turns 20 years old and instead of pointing at them and laughing at how old they all are I thought it would be in much better taste to have a look through their massive back catalogue and pick out some of my favourites.

“It doesn’t feel like 20 years, it feels like just yesterday we started. I’m only conscious of it when I hear other people talking about ‘old skool’ this and ‘back in the day’ the other, and realising they’re talking about 2004 or something, which to me feels like yesterday as well. Oh and meeting artists like I did last week who are 20 years old.. that can be a bit shocking. I never thought about how long we’d go on for, we just kept going and suddenly here we are.”

Blu Mar Ten formed in 1995 and consisted of Chris Marigold & Leo Wyndhamand. 1996 saw them release their first single, The Fountain / Lunar, on Way Out Recs.

1997 saw their first release on LTJ Bukem’s legendary label Good Looking Records – a relationship that would play a big part of BMTs rise within Drum & Bass but would ultimately not end on great terms

Fast forward slightly to 1998 and the lads make their debut on Ascendant Grooves (a sub label of Good Looking Records). This was the B side to that single and it’s a whopping 8 and a half minutes long. Those were they days…

Never one’s to be constrained just to Drum & Bass the lads were happy to delve into other genres. Here’s some gorgeous break-y goodness from 2001

Things also got a bit electro in 2001…

2002 saw the launch of their own label; Deep Structure which they would release music on into 2004.

Their debut album came out in 2003 on Exceptional Records and was called The Six Million Names Of God – a down tempo album that would probably be unfamiliar to a lot of new BMT fans

It was a relatively quiet period between 2004 and 2006 but after this BMT were back in full force and now as a trio with Michael Tognarelli joining the fold in 2004.

2007 saw the release of their 2nd album Black Water which saw them return to down tempo/trip hop

Now it’s time to move onto the next chapter in their story: Blu Mar Ten Music

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