Paramount Talk To Us About Their New EP On Broken Audio

Posted by Adam on 5th July 2015

Hertfordshire based duo Paramount have just released a new EP as part of Broken Audio’s Project Mohawk so I had a catch up with the to see what they’ve been up to.

Afternoon chaps! How are you both?
Good afternoon! We’re great thanks, how are you?

Good thanks! Last year you signed exclusively to Broken Audio Recordings – how did you hook up with those guys?
It all started when our good friend Max aka ‘Bipolar’ put us in touch with Tony from Broken Audio. We sent him over 4 tracks which he snapped up straight away and told us he was so impressed with our music that potentially they were going to offer us a contract to join Broken as one of their label exclusive artists. Naturally we were over the moon and happily accepted; massive thanks to Max for the link up.

So let’s dive right in and talk about your brand new EP which is the 2nd in the brilliant Project Mohawk series. How did your involvement come about? Was the EP written especially for Project Mohawk?
This was actually a massive project for us. We already had 4 tracks secured for our first release on Broken but as time moved on idea’s changed and we continued to make new music which seemed to fit in very well with the other tracks on the EP, it was then that we were told about the ‘Project Mohawk’ series. After moving house, a complete studio upgrade and many other obstacles along the way we finally had our EP in place and ready to go.

I think it’s fair to say that this EP represents your best work yet – do you feel that you’ve stepped up your game for this release and raised the bar for yourselves?
Thank you. We are just concentrating on writing music we are passionate about. The past four years has been a massive learning curve for us and we’ll continue to work hard and push forward with our production.

The EP kicks off with a gorgeous tune called Wanderlust which features the vocals of the legendary Tali – how did you get her involved?
We know Tali’s husband Benn very well, he supports our music on his amazing radio show ’Liquid Lowdown’. One day he mentioned she may be interested in working with us and that we should get in touch, so we sent her an e-mail and the rest is history! Got to send massive love to Tali for smashing the vocal and to Benn for the link up.

You’ve also got the brilliant Hannah Eve who is very much an up and coming singer in the scene, have you enjoyed working with vocalists and is it something we can expect more of from you?
Yeah Hannah is killing it right now, definitely one to watch! We have absolutely loved working with vocalists and its definitely something we will continue to do in future projects. Watch this space ;)

Looking to the future now, what can we expect from you in the remainder of 2015?
More music! We have a collab track with Max Bipolar called Shadows of Love due out next on his own ‘Project Mohawk’ EP. You can also expect more solo releases towards the end of the year, plus Tony has mentioned some remixes and groundwork for a new project coming in 2016, though he and Craig are keeping tight lipped about that atm… But all in all we have a lot in the pipeline!

Thanks lads! Is there anything else you want to tell us about?
You can catch us on DJ’ing duties as part of the Broken Audio Label tour this Autumn. First up for us is the Cross Club in Prague as part of the Imperialistic Event on 9th October & the weekend after we’ll be playing one of the closing parties @ ADE in The Netherlands, with the legendary Cheeky Monday’s in Amsterdam the night after that. And for now, that’s about it from us :D

Thank you Ninja Ninja!

Their EP is out right now on Digital & Vinyl.

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