I Talked To Ulterior Motive About Their New Single On Metalheadz And Their Prime Loops Sample Pack

Posted by Adam on 24th July 2015

Ulterior Motive have been absolutely smashing it this year and as they’ve just released a new single on Metalheadz, a string of massive remixes and as a sample pack with Prime Loops I had a chat with the duo so see 2015 is going for them…

Evening gents, how are you both?
Hi Ninja! We’re both very well thanks for asking.

How’s 2015 been so far? Did you take any time out after the album came out last year?
2015 is going so fast tbh – we did take a tiny amount of down time after the album but between shows and remixes we could only manage about a week of 2! But we like being in the studio so its all good.

Before we talk about your new sample pack I have to give you some love for your remix of Icicle’s Will Be Mine for the entropy remix EP – it’s so big it’s ridiculous. How did that come about – did you get to pick the tune or did Shogun approach you with the track?
Cheers, glad you like it. We’re good friends with Icicle so when he asked us to remix something we jumped at the chance. We got to choose the track to remix – we wanted something that sounded as far away from our sound as possible so we could put our own stamp on it.

Ok, moving on. Your sample pack with Prime Loops has just been released. Tell us a bit about what we can expect to find in there.
We basically put in as many high quality usable elements as we could – especially basses and breaks – stuff that’s the most difficult to craft.

Are there any samples in there that you’re especially proud of or any little bits you use in your own tunes?
We had to be proud of everything that went into the pack – every time we finished a break or bass or atmosphere we wanted to hold it back for our own tunes – but to make a great sample pack you have to include your best work!

You’ve also just released a new single on Metalheadz which has a heavy late 90s vibe (Music City has a whiff of Brand New Funk about it) – did you set out to achieve a particular sound is it a case of making what you like?
Music city came about by jamming with a guitar playing friend of ours – we recorded an hour of him playing riffs and licks then picked out the ones we loved – then built everything around that – sampling stabs and music from all over the place.

There’s been a lot of very big tunes out this year already, what tunes have you been rinsing in your sets lately?
A lot of the Lynx album – Congo by Jubei – Lenzman remix ep – Krakota has some great forthcoming tunes too.

Cheers fellas! Is there anything else you want to tell us about?
Go grab the sample pack!

You can buy the Ulterior Motive sample pack @ www.primeloops.com and the new single over on the Metalheadz website.

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