I Caught Up With Nausika About Their Debut Release On Blu Mar Ten Music

Posted by Adam on 3rd July 2015

Having already released a single on Subtitles Music last year Nausika are back with their debut release on Blu Mar Ten’s brilliant label. I had a quick chat with the lads about the single and why it took over year to get a release together…

Alright lads, how are you both?
Good cheers mate and yourself?

Doing well thanks! Your debut single on Blu Mar Ten’s label has just dropped – how did you hook up with them?
It was probably about 18 months ago, when we sent them Dominion, as it was one of the first tunes that we made. We really felt it could suit their style and thankfully they thought the same.

Chris from BMT has said that it took over a year to get a single from you – what’s the story behind that?
Ha yeah it did take a while but not through any doubt of signing to Blu Mar Ten. Once Chris was interested in signing the tune, we set about working on a good accompaniment for it. We were working on new bits and pieces and creating new stuff. Once we had Echoes under way we instantly thought this was it. Then it was a case of going back and forth with the mix-downs until we were totally happy with the final product. It was a long process, but that tends to be how it is with releasing music.

What’s your studio setup like? Do you both get into the studio at the same time?
Rokit 8 monitors, Native Instruments S49 Keyboard, Beyerdynamic 990 & 770 Pro headphones, a Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 interface and a Macbook Pro with Logic, all in a beautifully horrendous acoustic space we call the living room. We both share a house at Uni so producing together is pretty straightforward.

Your style, so far, is stripped back and moody – what are your musical influences within and outside of DnB?
In terms of drum and bass we really like the styles of guys like DLR, Skeptical, Alix Perez and Caibre, but we take a lot of influence from the stuff we grew up listening to with our families. I (Aron) grew up listening to a lot of Frank Sinatra, and Elvis Presley for example, but it was dubstep that was always my thing since I was in school, like Rinse FM when the Skream Stella sessions etc were about. Guys like Digital Mystikz, SP:MC, LX One and Youngsta definitely have a massive influence on our sound. Ryan also has a big dub, reggae and rock influence in his family so it’s a big mesh of styles really, which is great in terms of gathering inspiration and new ideas.

Looking to the future now, what can we expect from you in the rest of 2015?
Loads of new material that we’re sitting on, regular additions to our mix series and some free downloads.

Cheers chaps. Is there anything else you want to tell us about?
We’re playing Central Beats in Leeds on the 10th July at a charity event to raise money for the disaster in Nepal. It’s a great cause so come down and get involved or donate via http://www.vcdnepal.org/nausija

Make sure you grab the single now on iTunes or vinyl fans can get the 12″ on the Blu Mar Ten website.

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