A Round Up Of Drum & Bass In 2015 So Far…

Posted by Adam on 1st July 2015

Ivy Lab – Twenty Questions (Critical Music) – Buy It Here
Ivy Lab have always been very popular but they took things to a whole new level with the Twenty Questions EP. The production was insane, the tunes were refreshing and they know how to package a release – the super limited ‘Ivy Editions’ of the EP sold out in minutes!

Gamma – Zion (Dispatch Recordings) – Buy It Here
I hadn’t herd of Gamma before this EP on Dispatch but as soon as I heard this one I was totally hooked. It’s the prefect blend of Dub, DnB and that high energy but half time vibe. Massive tune for sure.

Etherwood – Amen Roadtrip (Hospital Records) – Buy It Here
This is a tune that originally started off as a bootleg but eventually saw a full release on the Hospitality 2015 album, and thank god it did. No words needed, this is purely and simply an anthem.

Artificial Intelligence Ft. Steo – Forgotten Truths (Metalheadz)
This is an absolute beauty of a tune and the lead track from Artificial Intelligence’s Forgotten truths EP. Another one that has been on permanent rotation since it came out.

Etherwood – You’ll Always Be A Part Of Me (Med School Music) – Buy It Here

The 2nd appearance on this list from Etherwood is not only one of my favourite DnB tunes of 2015 but also one of my all time favourite songs. The words are beautiful and the music is hypnotising.

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