A Round Up Of Drum & Bass In 2015 So Far…

Posted by Adam on 1st July 2015

Chromatic & J Daure – Le Tricolore (Blendits) – Buy It Here
A gorgeous roller from Chromatic & J Daure with that jazzy hook that has been stuck in my head since hearing it earlier in the year.

Artifact – Discordant (Addictive Behaviour) – Buy It Here
This tune featured on Addictive Behaviour’s Rotation LP and this tune stuck right out with that wicked 80s inspired into and weight punch after the drop.

Electrosoul System – Past-Time Cruiser (Med School Music) – Buy It Here
More music from Med School now with this massive cut taken from the Electrosoul System album ‘Flawless’. This was another one where picking just one track wasn’t easy but who can resist a roller like this!

Fracture X Chimpo – Hard Food (Metalheadz) – Buy It Here
Unbelievably huge tune from Fracture & Chimpo bringing their own twist to that classic Metalheadz sound.

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