A Chat With Hybrid Minds About Their Brilliant New EP ‘Lifted’

Posted by Adam on 19th July 2015

Matt & Josh aka Hybrid Minds have taken the scene by storm with their unique brand of beautiful uplifting Drum & Bass with their debut album Mountains becoming an instant success. The duo are now back with the Lifted EP so I had a chat with them about life after mountains and the new EP…

You can pre-order the EP on iTunes right now and you can also still get yourself a copy of the stunning picture disc vinyl on the Spearhead Records website.

Alright chaps! How’s tricks?
Matt: All good man. Just keeping busy and enjoying the summer.

What have you been up to since we last spoke?
Josh: Since our album we have been working hard on lots of new material & playing lots of shows. We have been quiet release wise as we have just been learning some technical skills in order to develop our sound.

Matt: It’s quite hard to just get a bunch of tracks finished straight after an album so we have taken our time with it, trying to find new tools and inspirations.

It looks like you’ve had a busy year already with gigs all over the world – any personal highlights?
Matt: Our recent Australia / New Zealand Tour was amazing, also Pohoda Festival which was nuts.

Josh: We don’t often get many big festival shows so it was quite special to perform in front of that many people. The Spearhead boat party was great too. It was such a nice sunny day in London cruising up and down the Thames with lovely people.

So, the new EP is out very soon and it’s stunning. Has your approach to making music changed at all since Mountains came out?
Matt: It kind of has and hasn’t, we are trying to be very tough on ourselves when it comes to the technical side, the album did far better than we expected & we have always believed we need to surpass the quality of our previous material.

Josh: We feel this EP is our best work to date production wise and are really proud of it, we have spent a while trying achieve a fuller sound.

What’s your secret to making such beautiful music? Is the studio full of flowers and pictures of Burt Reynolds to set the mood?
Josh: The best music is made whilst crying.

Matt: We tend to light candles and chop onions when we are in the studio to get in the right mindset.

I was going to tell you my favourite tune from the EP and then ask for yours but I can’t pick one – can you? Do any of the tracks have a special place in your heart?
Josh: It’s been interesting to see the feed back and there is no obvious winner which is cool as people usually pick a favourite by now.

Matt: For us it’s between Kismet and Lifted. We have put our all into the EP and really wanted to make 4 tracks that can stand alone.

Josh: We recorded the vocals for Lifted in a windmill which was a pretty cool day out.

The EP has been pressed on a wicked picture disc – was that your idea or did Steve (BCee) at Spearhead suggest it?
Matt: We had originally designed a gatefold vinyl but Steve had the idea of doing a picture disc so we switched it all up. We are very happy with how it has turned out and we’re sure we will do more.

Josh: I’m a graphic designer so have done our artwork since day one. One of our good friends from Vienna is an amazing photographer and provides us with all the images. He took the shots for Mountains, this EP and we already have the artwork for our next release done and dusted. I believe he was paragliding whilst he took the image for the EP.

Chaps it’s been a pleasure as always, is there anything else you want to tell us?
Matt: Just that we love you and everyone else who supports the music x

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  1. Lisa Carty July 19, 2015 - 6:36 pm Reply

    <3 I have yet to hear a track by Hybrid Minds that I didn't connect with. All four tracks are stunning, but I'm stuck between "that way" & "lifted" as my favourites. A tour to North America– preferably Canada would be superb… hint.. hint..

    • Amanda October 8, 2015 - 4:41 am Reply

      they’ll be here november 20, 21, 27,28. I’m bringing them here for their us debut tour! been working on this since march. they’ve playing my NYC event.

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