Paramount – Project Mohawk #2 (Broken Audio Recordings)

Posted by Adam on 11th June 2015

Broken Audio’s Project Mohawk is in full swing now as this week they released part 2 of the 9 part series which comes from Hertfordshire duo Paramount.

Here’s a reminder of what Project Mohawk is all about…

“It all started out as a code name for a collection of tracks we’d signed from a select group of talented emerging artists, each with their own distinct sound and style of production. As the idea took shape, so the quantity and quality of the music grew, culminating in a commitment to nine separate EP releases. From that point forth our aim was to come up with a twist whereby each release could stand out in its own right, but also form a part of something bigger…”

In contrast to the first instalment of the series part 2 takes a much more mellow approach with some beautiful, chilled out Drum & Bass. The highlight of this EP has to be Wanderlust which features the vocal talents of the legend that is Tali (who could possibly forget Lyric On My Lip!) and Let Go which features Hannah Eve is also a beauty.

You can bag the EP over at Juno right now with the 10″ vinyls going up very soon. Bring on part three!!

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