It’s Time To Dive Into The World Of Robots & Romans With June Miller’s Debut Album

Posted by Adam on 25th June 2015

June Miller’s debut album has been hotly anticipated for a while now and after the Ups & Downs EP back in January than anticipation grew even more when the lads showcased to the world what they were capable of.

Before I listened to Robots & Romans I expected to hear 15 tracks of tear out Drum & Bass that would fill a dancefloor but perhaps wouldn’t stand the test of time considering how much DnB there is like that out there these days, but I’m very happy to tell you that isn’t the case at all.

Of course there are some monster tunes in there that you’ll appreciate much more in a club that you ever will on your headphones (for example Saus, Chain Of Strength & Bad Brains) but even these are crafted with the duo’s own twist on the style which makes things interesting enough to listen to on your morning commute.

In contrast to this the duo return to a style that they are so good at and that sound is soulful, blissed out liquid (reminds me of my all time favourite June Miller track Brave Man) with the gorgeous We Are Not Human which features Hannah Lox and Further Seems Forever. Also, a track that really caught me be surprise, there’s a track called Oblivious on the album which features a spoken word vocal – it’s seriously worth checking out.

Overall then a very impressive album that perfectly demonstrates the duo’s diversity. Make sure you get yours now over on iTunes or vinyl fans can get the double vinyl over at the Ram Shop.

Here’s a mini mix of the album in case you needed any more persuading…

June MillerRam Records

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