The Wait Is Over, Here Is The Prototypes’ Debut Album ‘City Of Gold’

Posted by Adam on 18th May 2015

I won’t say that The Prototypes fans are crazed (because they may kill me) but the duo, in a relatively short period of time, have gained a huge following that sees their fans spread all over the globe and, due to their carefully controlled release schedule, people are always begging for more music. I suspect that Viper has always been playing the long game since singing these 2 and have purposely kept the number of releases low so that appetite for their début album was as big as possible.

So, the album. Are we talking a city of 24 carat gold or that gold plated nonsense Mick sells down the market?

Before listening to the album I had a preconceived idea of what I was in for; 12-16 tracks of hard hitting “anthems” with probably at least one dubstep/drumstep tune thrown in for good measure as that’s what a lot of people are sill doing for some reason.

How right was I……not very.

Whilst the album does predominately consist of hands in the air, euphoric tunes you can’t really complain because 1) that’s really what you would buy this album for and 2) they’re actually all pretty good.

The tracks that really tickled my pickle were Kill The Silence, Pop It Off, Fallen (feat. Donae’o) & Don’t Let Me Go (feat. Amy Pearson). Overall this is a really solid album and whilst it may not be to my taste specifically I’ll certainly give credit where it’s due. You can bag it on iTunes now or get your hands on various CD/Vinyl/T-Shirt bundles on the official Viper store.

Congrats Nick & Garvey!

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