I Had A Quick Chat With Six Blade And They Delivered Us a Sick Guest Mix

Posted by Adam on 26th May 2015

Alright lads! How’s tricks?
Not bad thanks mate. Was up at 5:45am today, for work, so I’m tired, but other than that, everything’s all good!

What have you been up to since we last spoke back in December 2013?
We’ve mainly been working on our production. Trying to get the quality of our music to a higher level that we are happy with. Outside of music, we’ve been…working. We both have full time jobs, so it’s been a mixture of music work and work work.

Has the honeymoon period of becoming a duo come to an end yet or is it still candle lit mix downs and EQing over a picnic?
Yes, sadly it came to an end a few months after it started. Mike stopped caring about frequencies and banned EQ from our studio sessions. I wasn’t without my faults. Apparently, I began to over compressing everything, but, if there’s one thing we’ve learnt in recent times, that’s impossible.

Things have been fairly quiet on the release front since you signed to Viper, can we expect some new material soon?
100%! Like we said earlier, we’ve spent a lot of time over the last year trying to clean up our production and get the quality of our music to much higher level. On Viper, we sit alongside some of the greatest musicians in the industry, and we wanted to make sure that our music has a place alongside them all. We finally have our next single in the pipeline so you can expect to hear some new music from us in the coming months.

What’s your top 5 tunes that you’re playing out at the minute and have you got any sneaky tunes up your sleeves that we should watch out for?
Keep an eye out for B.Motion ‘Bear Hug’. Huge tune,forthcoming on Viper!
These aren’t in any particular order but:
A.M.C & Six Blade – Posse
Dimension – Maschinen
S9 – Push It
B.Motion – Bear Hug
A.M.C – Shade

Cheers fellas, is there anything else you want to tell us about?
Yes, just one quick plug:
Our latest collab with A.M.C, Posse, is out now exclusively on DNB Arena 2015. But it here:
Thanks yall 

Listen to & download the mix below!

01. Mind Vortex – Against The Grain
02. The Prototypes Feat. Mad H.E.D City – Pop It Off
>> State Of Mind – Full Force
03. Sub Zero – Inside The Beast
04. A.M.C & Six Blade – Posse
05. The Voss Vs NC-17 – Pull Up
06. Dimension – Jet Black
>> Astronaut Vs Barely Alive – Raga (TC Remix)
07. Friction Vs Technimatic – Floating Frames
08. Croox – Oracle (Six Blade Remix)
09. Culture Shock – City Lights
10. ??? – ???
11. Phace – Bite The Edge
>> Signs – Modulate
12. Tantrum Desire – Human Mind
>> Cyantific – High Water Mark
13. Six Blade – Shrimp
14. Mind Vortex – Megabyte
15. B.Motion – Bear Hug
>> The Prototypes – Edge Of Tomorrow (DnB Mix)
16. Teddy Killerz – Teddynator
>> State Of Mind – Know Your Place
17. Emperor – Passed Up
18. InsideInfo – Mushroom
19. Culture Shock – Raindrops
>> Sub Focus – Airplane
20. Six Blade – Lightbox
21. Fred V & Grafix – Just A Thought
22. Deadmau5 – Avarita (Dimension Bootleg)

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