Bachelors Of Science – The Space Between LP

Posted by Adam on 26th May 2015

The immensely popular North American trio Bachelors Of Science have been around for a decade now and after a 5 year wait they return with their 3rd album, The Space Between, on their label CODE Recordings.

Anyone familiar with Bachelors Of Science will immediately feel right a home with this album as it’s full of high energy, smooth & soulful Drum & Bass. The icing on the cake with this is that the lads have obviously been very busy not just writing new music but also perfecting their craft as, for me at least, the production on this LP far exceeds that of the last 2 (that’s not to say the last 2 weren’t good though – their 1st album Science Fiction is still one of my all time favourites). If you haven’t heard of this lot before 1) Where have you been and 2) you’re going to love it too and I’d strongly suggest a listen through their healthy back catalogue for more great music.

This is truly a brilliant record and you get get yourself a copy on digital over at iTunes or there are still some vinyl copies available over at the Bachelors Of Science store.

Bachelors Of ScienceCODE Recordings

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