Xtrah Tells Us About His New Label Cyberfunk

Posted by Adam on 12th April 2015

Xtrah has been prominent in the scene since his first release on Proximity Recordings back in 2010 and now, following on from some massive releases on labels such as Metalheadz, Ram & Critical, he has decided to go it alone and start his own label: Cyberfunk.

I grabbed the man himself for a quick chat about what we can expect from the new imprint.

Hi ya mate, how’s things?
I’m very well thank you Ad, hope you’re good too mate!

We’re here to talk about your brand new label, Cyberfunk, and the debut release which is coming very soon. Tell us a bit about the label and why you decided to start your own brand?
Well, it’s something I’ve thought about for many years really. Throughout my career I’ve always made tunes catered for other labels and now I have the chance to create a sound for a new label! It’s honestly the most exciting goal I’ve set myself yet. It’s also about freedom, running your own label gives you full control of how things are done and what the finished product looks like when being released and for me this is a great feeling! I’ve always been into art and doing the label has made me learn a lot of new things, I’ve designed the artwork for the first release and the Flyers for the launch parties with some help from my graphic designer Scann. I’m really enjoying it already.

You officially launched the label a few weeks ago with a Cyberfunk party at Fire (London) – will there be any more or a regular club nigh to come?
There’s several coming up in the next few months:

Brighton 05/04
Bristol 24/04
Leuven 30/04
Vienna 30/05

The one in London might become a regular thing, we will have to wait and see!

You’re one of very few new labels that are pressing vinyl – what made you jump straight in to vinyl releases?
I just couldn’t imagine starting a Drum&Bass label without pressing vinyl! It has to be done.

The first EP features yourself along with a track from Simple Technique and a collaboration with Break and it’s getting a great reception. Will the label be primarily an output for your music or will you be releasing from a selection of artists?
It takes a lot to push other artists I’d like to release a lot of my own music but if I’m sent something from an artists (known or unknown) and I believe in it I will release it.

Can you spill the beans on who’ll be making an appearance on the label in the future?
There’s a few well known ones and some unknown ones too but you’ll have to wait and see as I hate cursing things! Sorry!

How about all things Xtrah – what’s going on in your world. I’ve read that you have some work in the pipeline for Noisia?
Yes I do, although I’m not sure how much I can say about it there’s definitely some stuff happening with the noisia lads. Also some bits with Break on symmetry and an 8 track project on Dispatch and of course more stuff on Cyberfunk later in the year. Full steam ahead in 2015!

Finally what’s your top 3 tracks you’re playing out at the minute?
Xtrah – Gravitas
Noisia – Banshee
DLR – Ask the question

Anything else you want to tell us about?
CFNK001 – Existence EP OUT 20.04


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