Noisia – Incessant EP Feat. Mefjus & Hybris (Vision Reordings)

Posted by Adam on 29th April 2015

There are very few producers that command the respect of their peers as well as their fans like Noisia does and there is a very good reason for that. They aren’t mere mortals like us. They are bass wizards, sultans of snares, admirals of adrenaline, captains of punch and so on…

Their new Incessant EP defies any sub genre pigeon whole that bloggers insist on stuffing it in like a curious teenager with a watermelon. It is plainly and simply Noisia and it’s wicked.

They’ve also got Mefjus & Hybris along for the ride too with both producers featuring on Reptilians and Clusterfunk.

What an EP! Now, stop reading and start listening…

HybrisMefjusNoisiaVision Recordings

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