Kimyan Law Returns To Blu Mar Ten Music With His Unique & Beautiful Style

Posted by Adam on 30th April 2015

Kimyan Law is one of my favourite producers of all time and Blu Mar Ten Music is one of my favourite labels. Put those things together and what do you have? If you said Blukim YanMar LawTen you’re wrong (and a bit weird). The answer is that you get something very special.

His new 3 track single follows on from his debut album Coeur Calme, which I named as my album of the year in 2014, and continues right where it left off.

The lead track is a VIP of the clicking, popping & snapping Daimyo, the original of which featured on his above mentioned album, and is followed by 2 beautiful, hypnotising & enchanting tracks in the form of Lavish & Chai.

This will be out on Vinyl & Digital in mid May and I strongly recommend you get your pre-orders in now. Do it here.

Blu Mar Ten MusicKimyan Law

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