Whiney Chats About Signing To Med School & Delivers A Brilliant Guest Mix

Posted by Adam on 11th March 2015

Whiney recently signed exclusively to Med School so I grabbed him for a couple of questions about what we can expect in the future and he delivered us a tasty guest mix.

Hi Will. First off massive congratulations on signing to Med School! How does it feel?
Hi guys, thank you! It’s an amazing feeling and the whole thing has been pretty surreal so far. Words can’t describe what it’s like to have people of this calibre pushing my music and liking what I’m doing, people that not so long ago got me into this great genre of music. To now have their backing is pretty special.

You featured on New Blood 014 and the Hospitality 2015 album has your signing with Med School been on the cards for some time?
I initially got an invite down to the office from Tony back in March 2014 to discuss a few bits I’d sent over to them and which was going to be included on the New Blood 014 album, but also where I was going with my music. Although nothing long-term came out of the discussion it gave me a huge platform to drive from, making me realise 100% that I wanted a career writing and performing music. So I started working flat out on my music, taking it from just being a hobby to something a lot more serious, and that’s when I got the second invite from Tony mid-September. He and the crew were feeling the new bits and felt a progression had been made, not only production-wise but stylistically also. I got up at 5am, caught a 3 hour train from Manchester to London and met them at the office just before midday; we listened to a few bits, I was asked ‘the question’ and then dropped straight into my first video interview with Command Strange. I remember leaving Forest Hill and calling my Dad, girlfriend and Keeno, bearing a huge grin on my face all the way back up to Manchester – it was a great day.

What can we expect from you now as, aside from the 2 tracks we mentioned above, we haven’t heard much music from you for a while.
A lot of music. The other day I tallied up all the tunes I’ve written over the past year and, from the ones I’m happy with, there are about 40 in total. As for how and when you’ll hear them, that’s something you’ll find out soon enough.

Singing with Med School must feel like a huge achievement – any words of wisdom for the aspiring producers out there?
Write what you want to write and do it for the right reasons. There are too many new producers out there copying current styles down to the bone, there’s no chance of you breaking through if you’re trying to stand out in an already saturated market with a musical style that’s already been done successfully. Something I’ve also been noticing lately is producers that are only motivated by their number of followers on Soundcloud or likes on Facebook; you should be writing music because you love it, not for anyone else or so you can get a pat on back. Immersing yourself in the right people can be vital also – I have a fairly tight-knit circle of ‘producer friends’ that I send and receive music from regularly and we all bounce off one another.

You’re currently studying at university in Manchester. How do you manage to fit in music as well as course work and where is the best night out in Manchester on a student’s budget?

Being disciplined and working when I’m most productive or feeling inspired has always produced the best results. Even if it’s an hour of work, then an hour of writing music, despite it not being a lengthy amount of time I can find myself getting more done in those 60 minutes than a couple of hours of forcing myself to produce something. There are so many clubs in Manchester you could get away with going pretty much anywhere with a student’s budget depending on the day, but my personal preference has to be heading up to the Northern Quarter. It’s like Manchester’s version of Shoreditch and has some wicked clubs of every variety you could think of; the music is seriously good too. Failing that there’s always the 99p Thursday’s at Factory (that’s when you’re proper desperate).

You’ve also been kind enough to do a guest mix for us, any little previews of some new Whiney material in there?
No new music as such as that’s being saved for releases. There are a few unheard bits for those that haven’t seen me perform, such as my Tycho – A Walk bootleg and a VIP mix of mine & Keeno’s Isokime.

Cheers Will, is there anything else you want to tell us about?
Med School are having their next event on March 27 at The Columbian which I’ll be playing at. It’s looking to be another sell out and I’m looking forward to celebrating my signing as well as seeing special guest Klute. Join me down there and I’ll no doubt buy you a drink to celebrate!
Event link: https://www.facebook.com/events/1536014030007920/

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