Ram Brings The Heat With RAMIAMI 2015

Posted by Adam on 16th March 2015

Ram’s RAMIAMI returns for the 3rd consecutive year and my, how it’s grown!

From it’s humble beginnings in 2013 featuring just 15 tracks it is now an absolute Goliath with a whopping 29 tracks including more VIP’s and exclusives that you can shake a stick at.

Some personal highlights for me are Turbine VIP, Let Me, So Alone VIP, Excalibur, In The Air, Hold You Tight, Nocturnal Stories, Slowly & Higher Ground. But what I really enjoyed about the album was the diversity in the tunes.

Instead of a compilation full of bangers there’s a perfect balance of huge dancefloor tracks like Audio’s Combust & Delta Heavy’s Turbine VIP to the much more chilled and easy listening like Gerra & Stone’s Running Back the beautiful Nocturnal Stories by Salaryman.

In short this is a brilliant compilation and well worth bagging (how can you argue with £6.99 for 29 tracks!) and for the vinyl heads it’s been pressed on wicked coloured 3 x 12″.


1. Audio – Combust
2. Calyx & Teebee – Wipeout
3. Chords – All the Caves
4. Chroma – So Alone Vip
5. DC Breaks – Shaman Vip
6. Delta Heavy – Turbine Vip
7. Elliott Mac – Like it is
8. Fractale – Let Me
9. Frankee – Excalibur
10. Freek – Cobalt 60
11. Gerra & Stone – Running Back
12. Hamilton – In The Air
13. June Miller – Reach Out Feat. MVE
14. Legion – Waiting Feat. Darren Word
15. Loadstar – Under Pressure Vip
16. Logam & Mayhem – We Will feat. Armani Reign
17. LoKo – Hold You Tight
18. Mad Face – Bright Future
19. Mind Vortex – Megabyte
20. Mob Tactics – Wolf Trap Vip
21. Noel – Walking On Fire
22. Phil Tangent – Affinity
23. Rene LaVice – Pipe
24. Salaryman – Nocturnal Stories
25. Stealth & Kodan – Daylight
26. Teddy Killerz – Higher Ground feat. Pat Fulgoni
27. Upgrade – Slowly
28. Urbandawn – Lift Me Feat. Thomas Oliver
29. Rene LaVice – The Calling feat Ivy Mairi

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