Born To Be Diffrent: 5 Years Of Diffrent Music

Posted by Adam on 2nd March 2015

This month Diffrent Music, a label that I have a lot of love for, is turning 5 years old so I thought I would combine my love of lists with my love of the label to bring you the best of Diffrent Music, so far.

So, let’s start at the beginning: Genesis.

Tightrope – Peace / Chills – Everyones Mad
A style that, now, seems familiar but when it was released 5 years ago Diffrent was really pushing boundaries and starting their journey to champion music that was….Diffrent.

Joe Syntax – White Light / Libra
Moving on to their 3rd release and we have a name that at the time wouldn’t have been as familiar as it is now. Big release from Joe Syntax now of Med School fame.

“Great minds don’t think alike. They think Diffrent.”

Dan Marshall – Eden / Marshan & Jamo – Eraser
A personal favourite from the Diffrent back catalogue. I wont say anything about this one, I’ll just give you an excerpt from the press release…
“One day, Daniel the eager Martian decided to visit planet earth.

He jumped into his pink, giraffe shaped moon-lander, when suddenly the ships “perpetual motion powered ghetto blaster” tuned into the giraffe cast.”

Frederic Robinson – Laughing at Clouds
Possibly the best known and most loved release on Diffrent is the debut release from Frederic Robinson who went on to release an album on Blu Mar Ten Music.

Arkaik – Cutting Edge EP
Label regular Arkaik was on the buttons for Diffrent’s 15th release with his brilliant Cutting Edge EP which featured some more “conventional” beats along with the textbook Diffrent vibe.

I think it’s just been a matter of having fun and putting out music that we all love and really into rather than going for the industry standard! It’s tough because thinking outside the box isn’t always the first nature for artists and DJs, but we’re lucky there’s an array of very unique sounding and talented producers on board! – Dexta (owner of Diffrent Music)

Evolution Of The Giraffe LP
A big project from the lads was this brilliant various artists album pressed on bright pink vinyl (obviously).

Kije – Coming For You / You Know Me
The first release on Diffrent’s giraffe step series which paved the way for even more wonky bass heavy goodness.

Fixate – Pum Pum / System Malfunction
LOL this one’s nuts. Enough said.

Conduct – Vanguard / Confrontation / Residuum
And we conclude with their latest release from Conduct which sounds glorious and is the perfect way to round of 5 years of the giraffe. Here’s to 5 more!

Keep up to date with all things Diffrent via their Facebook, Twitter & SoundCloud pages.

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