Deft – Blue Jasmine EP (Project Mooncircle)

Posted by Adam on 17th February 2015

I came across this EP from Deft on German label Project Mooncircle completely by accident a few days ago on SoundCloud and within the first 10 seconds it had completely drawn me in.

I, just like a lot of people, won’t generally stray too far from music that I know (to my own detriment) and if this hadn’t automatically played I would have never heard it which would have been a real shame as this is an absolute beauty.

It’s big and bold but delicate and intricate at the same time. It was familiar enough to draw me in and different enough to get me excited about hearing something completely new.

At a time where Drum & Bass is topping the charts we need music like this to keep our scene alive because, at the end of the day, DnB will come and go in the popular media but it will stay with us forever.

So forget your cheesy vocals and Number 1’s; enjoy something beautiful and unique that will never reach the masses and is all the more special for it.

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DeftProject Mooncircle

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