Bensley – Fandango (Ram Records)

Posted by Adam on 19th February 2015

The name Bensley has been the talking point for a lot of people since Andy C announced he had been signed exclusively to Ram Records despite being a complete unknown.

In its 20 year plus history, never before has the RAM imprint created a journey as unique as Bensley’s. If you scour the internet, you won’t find one single release, an upload or even any previous history on the producer. Yet all it took was a one single demo to attract the attention of the acclaimed electronic music label. The RAM HQ was instantly enveloped by Bensley’s technically adept and musical personality, with the demos blowing the roof off the Hornchurch office on first listen.

This new tune, Fandango, is a step away from what we have been hearing from the Ram camp of late and I think it’s sick. Except very big things from this young producer.

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