Survival – Unreleased album (Dispatch Recordings)

Posted by Adam on 15th December 2014

The people over at Dispatch Recordings have been thinking outside the box and have released a previously unreleased album from Survival on these lovely silver USB sticks.

The album has been fully mixed down again and re-mastered in Nov 2014. None of the material on this USB album release has ever been made available on vinyl / digital or any other format anywhere else and it never will be. It will only ever be made available on our first run of USB’s.

The individual USBs have sold out but you can still bag the album as part of the double USB bundle using the link below. Be quick though as these are going FAST!

1. Survival – In Two Minds (feat. Christina Nicola)
2. Survival – Stay
3. Survival – Stars
4. Survival – Complex
5. Survival – Frame
6. Survival – Runner
7. Survival – Judgement
8. Survival – Boog
9. Survival – Detector
10. Survival – All The Same (feat. Christina Nicola)
11. Survival – I Believe (feat. Christina Nicola)
12. Survival – Prophet
13. Survival – Night Out
14. Survival & Silent Witness – Immortal VIP
15. Survival & Silent Witness – Oxygen

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