Ninja Ninja’s Album Of The Year 2014

Posted by Adam on 31st December 2014

I hadn’t planned to pick an album of the year at all, i was quite content picking my top 14 releases for 2014, but as i laid in bed last night, unable to sleep, with my headphones on I remembered that one album this year, above all others, has really had an impact on me and I literally haven’t stopped listening to it since the day it came out.

So my pick for album of the year is the incredible début album ‘Coeur Calme’ by Kimyan Law.

It is equal parts memorising, beautiful, playful & soothing and challenges the concept of what Drum & Bass actually is which is quite an achievement given peoples penchant for pigeon holing music these days.

Massive love to Kimyan Law and the chaps over at Blu Mar Ten Music on what is undoubtedly a future classic.

I highly recommend that you use some of that Christmas money to get yourself a copy.

Blu Mar Ten MusicKimyan Law

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