10 Years of Shogun Audio

Posted by Adam on 2nd December 2014

Shogun Audio has turned 10 years old (!) and to celebrate they have put together one of the best packages that I have ever seen.

This incredible box set includes 6 x 10″ vinyl, 3 x CDs, 1 x 10 Years of Shogun Audio Documentary DVD, 1 x Double sided 10 Years of Shogun Audio Poster & a sticker pack.

Sexy box set aside the tracks on this release are incredible, with new music from the likes of Fourward, Icicle & Prolix, Joe Ford, LSB, Rockwell and Technimatic as well as exclusive remixes from Calyx & Teebee, Calibre and Etherwood.

Over the years we’’ve been lucky enough to have worked with some of the most respected names in electronic music. We’’ve always managed to land the most amazing tracks from Spor’’s ‘Aztec’ to Rockwell’s ‘Detroit’ to our very own ‘Back To Your Roots’ Remix – we never really had a philosophy other than if it’s good music we’ll release it.

We’’ve also been fortunate enough to host events at some of the most amazing venues in the world from ‘The End’ in London where it all started, to selling out Fabric & Gt Suffolk St Warehouse, to Croatia, Russia, Australia and back again it’s been an honour to play to some of the most open minded and passionate music fans in the world.

Have a listen to some of the tracks from the album below and while you do that click through the images of that stunning box set.

Happy Birthday Shogun Audio!

Alix PerezCalibreCalyx & TeeBeeEtherwoodFourwardFrictionIcicleJoe FordLSBProlixRockwellShogun AudioSpectraSoulTechnimatic

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