Release Of The WeeK: Kimyan Law – Coeur Calme (Blu Mar Ten Music)

Posted by Adam on 10th November 2014

After appearing literally out of nowhere Kimyan Law, real name Nico Mpunga, has been causing quite a stir and his debut album, entitled Coeur Calme (which translates to Quiet Heart), is finally here.

I’ve listened to the album from start to finish a few times now and with each listen I found myself dissappearing deeper and deeper into another world that Nico has beautifully crafted.

When an album comes out that doesn’t fit into our usual standards for a Drum & Bass release I would normally say that it’s pushing the boundaries of the genre as we know it but in the case of Coeur Calme its almost genre-less. Of course there are some obvious Drum & Bass influences, for example the brilliant ‘Run Ames‘, but this isn’t the kind of music that needs to be pigeon-holed or categorised – it’s music for the soul.

This album is a true masterpiece and I thoroughly recommend that you buy it, lock yourself away and listen to it from start to finish to start to finish to start to finish…..

Tracklist (CD)
1. Mortal Life (feat. mm oo)
2. Eclairage
3. We Are Fish (Kimyan Law remix)
4. Daimyo
5. Ember
6. Run Ames (feat. Robert Manos)
7. Vita
8. Umbra
9. Copperclock
10. Blur
11. Cherry Lane (for Sarah Taisha)
12. Solange

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