INTERVIEW: Bredren On Their New Album ‘Trinity’

Posted by Adam on 24th November 2014

Hi Guys! Thanks for taking the time to chat to me. How are you all?
Hi! We’re alright thanks!

Tell us a bit about Bredren for those not familiar with you.

We are three good friends living in Belgium, Brussels to be precise. We got to know each other on a local DJ competition. Approximately one year after that, we started making music inspired by the deeper subgenre of drum & bass.

Your debut album, Trinity, has just dropped; how was the album writing process? Was it any harder or easier than you had anticipated?
I think the first couple of tunes we wrote weren’t even planned to be released on the album. It’s only during the last year that we decided to make the LP. We like to see it as a compilation of tunes we made in one year. Last few months were nerve-racking… We’re happy about the result but we’re also happy about making tunes on a slower pace from now on.

The album features a mix of styles, from deep & dark half time like ‘Haunted’ to upfront DnB rollers like ‘Red Powder’ is that something you all influence or does each of you bring a different style to the table?
We love to experiment with different styles of drum & bass. But sure, some of us like it more deep and steppy, some like it more dancefloor.

This is always a tough one but give me your personal favourite track from the album and why it sticks out to you.
I (Adrian), personally like “Homasu” most. It’s the kind of deep vibe we’ve been trying to make for ages and it’s the first that comes close to what we had in mind. Dieter has a few favorites – “Red Powder” because it smashes the dance floor each and every time, “Infamous” because of steppy vibes and the little switch up there is at some point (you’ll find out when you listen haha). Sebastien likes “Source Code” the most because the tune is an non-stop roller and keeps on evolving the whole time.

The album is rounded off nicely with a gorgeous little roller featuring the vocals of Manon Gögös, how did that collaboration come about?
Dieter met her a while back due to another friend. He heard she was a vocalist in a jazz band and started to search for some material from her online. Turned out she is a top class vocalist so we asked her to try some vocals on a tune we already started. She was well up for it and the result is certainly something to be proud of. It’s also one of those tunes we had the most fun making it. We’re certainly working with Manon again in the future!

You’ve had releases on Dispatch, Demand & Flexout as well as numerous releases on Proximity already – how was the idea of doing a full LP for Proximity born?
It’s like we say to most of the people who ask us about our choice. Proximity has always been there for us. We released our first single on the label and they have been supporting us ever since. Darren & Kit are like our drum & bass-dads we never had.

Thanks Guys! Good luck with the album. Is there anything else you want to tell us about?
First of all we’d like to thank you for the interview! We also would like to thank Proximity who made our debut LP happen, it means a lot to us. Last but not least we’d like to say a big thank you to all the friends, family, ravers, artists, dj’s,… who supported us for the last 3 years, we wouldn’t be able to make this LP happen without you guys… MUCH LOVE!

Trinity will be released worldwide on 24th Novemver

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