Horizons Music Presents Horizons X

Posted by Adam on 29th November 2014

Horizons Music is celebrating the incredible milestone of being 10 years old and to mark the occasion they have gone all out to bring you something extra special

10 years of experimentation and exploration. 10 years of quality and quantity. 10 years of sublime music from all corners of the world. 10 years of Horizons.

10 years ago Horizons Music released their first ever piece of music, a track going by the name of ’10 steps’, produced by Skitty. Since that epoch making moment, the label has evolved into a staple of the Drum & Bass scene, becoming a byword for consistency and quality in the process. It is therefore fitting that ten years on, some of the labels regulars come together to produce a masterful 14 track album, that encompasses everything Horizons is about.

This is an amazing album which looks back at what Horizons Music has accomplished but also looks to the future of what the label has in store.

Here’s to another 10 years of Horizons Music…

AmossBreakDigitalDLRHorizons MusicHydroJubeiMakoNeed For MirrorsNickBeeScarSilent WitnessSkittySpirit

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