BCee, RoyGreen, Protone & Rowpieces – Jungle Ballad EP (Fokuz Recordings)

Posted by Adam on 16th November 2014

Fokuz Recordings returns with a marvelous 12” disc by Bcee, RoyGreen, Protone and Rowpieces! Chilled out beats for the stay-at-home-massive.

‘Breath In’ by Bcee features some catchy vocals over a nice stepping beat, vibes galooorreee! Another masterpiece by one of the most respected producers today. We continue with ‘Raindrop Blues’ by RoyGreen & Protone. It’s a heartfelt roller with jazzy breaks and cuts that fits the time of the year perfectly. Last up we find Rowpieces with ‘Jungle Ballad’ blending the rough with the smooth. Soulful textures with raging but well balanced bass sounds. Don’t forget about the digital bonus track ‘Rennaisance’ by RoyGreen & Protone. It’s too good to miss. Wait, did we say ‘stay at home’? Get your ass over to the dancefloor and shake it!

A1. Bcee – Breath In
B1. RoyGreen & Protone – Raindrop Blues
B2. Rowpieces – Jungle Ballad
04. RoyGreen & Protone – Rennaisance

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