Anile On His Top 10 Non Drum & Bass Influences

Posted by Adam on 26th November 2014

Anile has just release his new EP, Losing My Mind, on Med School so I caught up with him to see what music outside of Drum & Bass inspires him…

1. Pearl Jam – ‘Black’
This track is so deep and touches on such a dark subject yet is most probably the most emotional track I’ve ever heard. The track builds and builds to a chorus that can take anyone’s breath away from about 4mins in. Talk about progression!

‘I know someday you’ll have a beautiful life, I know your be a star in somebody else’s sky, but why, why, why couldn’t it be mine’…

2. Mother Love Bone – ‘Chloe Dancer/Crown Of Thorns’.

These two tracks act as a medley in so many sets. Mother Love Bone are the most influentially grunge bands of the late 80’s / early 90’s if anything the first grunge band to really make a stance, and influence so many others like Nirvana, Soundgarden…. The death of the lead singer 2 weeks before the official release of their debut album which included these two tracks really gave Mother Love Bone an everlasting (what if?) status. #RIP Andrew Wood!!

3. Guns n Roses – ‘Estranged’
Growing up listening to GNR and thinking there wasn’t anything a better than Slash & Axl lol… Maybe I was wrong and living in a dream world perhaps, but I was so set on that. Hearing Estranged is so epic, the arrangement of this track is out there, the breakdowns and solos just keep on coming. This is a real journey track and what not to be fucked with. Not many guys can pull off those tight shorts and big fur coats like Axl does!!

4. Led Zepplin – ‘Stairway To Heaven’

Not much introduction needed on this one really. As epic tunes go this one really takes you on a journey and Jimmy Pages solo towards the end!

5. Rush – ‘The Spirit Of Radio’

Killer track from way before my time, first hearing this I was blown away by that guitar riff then trying to keep up with all the turns and fills surrounding its arrangement, you almost get lost before you hear that guitar riff which brings you back.

6. Janes Addiction – ‘Jane Says’

If I ever had the opportunity to present live performances it would be done exactly like this!! Steel pans, bras and Dave Navarro = #Vibez

7. Black Crowes – ‘ Wiser Time’

Pretty sure if I could rock anyone’s look it would be the supper fucking kool Chris Robinson. Man got style vibes and always dances like he don’t give a shit on stage always looks like he is enjoying every second of his bands performances. Also his vocal ranges…. One of my favourite bands of all time!!

8. Pearl Jam – ‘Nothing Man’

One of my favourite tracks from Pearl Jam and to hear this live was unreal. Again like many PJ tracks they are very progressional and with huge meaning. This version of the track is taken from the ‘Live On Two Legs’ Album which imo is the best version of the track.

9. A Perfect Circle – ‘Orestes’

Another journey tune from this all star line up of a band. With heavy influences from the likes of Tool this track is such a killer cut!! Only to be heard very loud!!!

10. Kiss – ‘Rock Bottom’

Another band I was heavily into growing up, me and my friend Alex would practice all the riffs and solos not really laying them down, the effort was there to say the least! Wish I was around to really see these guys grow through the 70’s & 80’s. Amazing band!!

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