TR Tactics – Time Slice / Cone (Addictive Behaviour)

Posted by Adam on 7th October 2014

TR Tactics, the producer and DJ duo from Austria, have been storming up a lot of people’s lists of artists to watch in 2014. After releases on Citrus, Disturbed and Dissected Culture, they drop ABREC07 on Addictive Behaviour, their latest and greatest work to date.

Addictive are one of the most forward thinking labels out there, always allowing the talent and dedication of their artists to shine through, and Time Slice/Cone is no exception. After their success in the D&B Arena remix competition, and a series of amazing releases, the duo are definitely on the rise.

Time Slice starts off as a dark, ominous roller, full of atmosphere and deep level vibes. The beats drop in when you least expect them, charging head long into some very dangerous territory. Switching electronics accompany the drop, where forceful bass comes right at you, shaking the ground with its intensity. A real builder, the amazing lengths the producers have gone to are realised in full when you give this one your full attention. Feel the power of Time Slice as it unfolds around you, reminding you how all of the buzz about TR Tactics is perfectly justified. A seriously essential piece of music.

Cone will rock you and shock you, with its close, insistent beats and flashing bass runs. Take a trip to the dark side with this one, as the weight is distributed with harsh, pounding low end and a reminder to ‘work that’. All together, the elements of the track work in perfect harmony, showcasing what TR Tactics can do, and what they are all about. This is the leading edge of the modern drum & bass revolution.

Addictive Behaviour will be rightly pleased with this release, their seventh, as they continue to accumulate a catalogue of very special music. Make sure you grab your copy of Time Slice/Cone, you are guaranteed not to be disappointed.

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