Theory of the Avantgarde – Cosmos LP

Posted by Adam on 31st October 2014

Dabs and Grotesk’s Avantgarde imprint touches down next month with the Theory of the Avantgarde LP. A 14 track snapshot of their Drum and Bass “Cosmos”. The aim was to produce a varied representation of drum and bass today as well as show what the “Avantgarde” artists have in store for the future.

Artists on the LP include established artists like Fade, ArpXP, Dabs, Hydro as well as some new Avantgarde finds such as Kush T and Hanzo & Randie. “The Cosmos” will take you from minimal deepness with L33’s “Wolfpack” all the way through to the old school flavours of Fade’s “Swarm”.

The album comes packed with an artwork booklet designed by label co-owner and designer, Grotesk. Available on CD & Digital.

Arp XPAvantgarde RecordingsDabsFadeHeavy1HLZL 33M-zine & ScepticzNitri

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