Release Of The Week: Kimyan Law – Run Ames / Eclairage (Blu Mar Ten Music)

Posted by Adam on 27th October 2014

For at least a month or 2 now Blu Mar Ten have been telling us that they were about to introduce a new artist, Kimyan Law, to the world and that we are going to be blown away. In most cases you could be excused for passing this off as the normal hype that any label would be spewing out about their so called next best thing but in this case it was not hype, it was the absolute truth.

Kimyan Law, real name Nico Mpunga, is an interesting young man to say the least. He belongs to the African Diaspora and is the son of a Congolese father and Austrian mother. Residing in Vienna he has, up until very recently, been unable to return to his homeland due to the devastating Congolese Civil War….Read more about the man behind the music here.

Here’s his debut single; ‘Run Ames’ featuring the incredible vocals of Robert Amos backed with the supper chilled ‘Eclairage’. This is really rather special.

Keep a eye out for his album coming out at the start of November too, judging by this single it’s going to be a game changer.

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