9 “Small” Drum & Bass Labels That You Should Be Paying Attention To

Posted by Adam on 18th October 2014

We all know about the latest Ram Banger or the newest Hospital dancefloor anthem but it’s important to remember that there are a lot of other labels out there, putting in the hard work to bring you some incredible music.

So here, in no particular order, are 9 “smaller” labels you should be listening to along with one of my favourite tunes they have released…

Latest release: Survey – Object Relations EP
Run by Pete, co-founder Bass Explorer, Protect Audio is the bench mark for a digital label. Never sacrificing quality for quantity they wont bombard you with releases but they do put out you will want to hear.

Mono – Torches

Latest release: Z-Connection & Andy Pain – Horizon / Take It

Diffrent Music, founded by Chris Royle (Dexta) & Jamie Schildhauer (Hunchbak) back in 2010, doesn’t do ordinary…it does Diffrent. The label that introduced Frederic Robinson to the world is focused on pushing Drum & Bass like you’ve never heard before.

Frederic Robinson – Laughing at Clouds

Latest release: Phase – Albatross EP
Swiss label Demand Records has released music from artists such as Optiv & BTK, Fre4knc and Pennygiles and have continued to impress with their ‘Drum & Bass On Demand’ album series.

Cursa – CRNR

Latest release: Nitri – Diskoteque / Trust
Run by Italian pioneers Dabs & Grotesque Avantgarde hasn’t released much music in comparison to some of the labels on this list (4 vinyl release and 6 digital) but what they lack in quantity they make up for in quality, with all releases, on vinyl or digital, being top quality.

Dabs & Safire – Hideout ft. LowQui (June Miller Remix)

Latest release: Dyl – Anishinaabe

Not a huge amount of info around for the Birmingham based Skutta Records but what I can tell you for sure is that they released a tune that has stayed in my playlist since the day I heard it and I can’t say that about many tunes that I have heard this year. Well worth keeping an eye on.

Resound – Rare Species

Latest release: Logarithmic 2 LP
Releasing primarily on digital along with their signature Logarithmic LP series coming out on vinyl Flexout, run by Retraflex (Steve & Tom), embraces all aspects of Drum & Bass from down-tempo, dark and moody vibes to a good old fashioned rinse out (see below). There is always something for everybody.

Pennygiles – Broken Rumours

Latest release: Clima – Eleven Thirty One EP / Red Army – High Grade EP
Another label that I have been featuring for a while now but I don’t actually know much about them. It’s run by northerner’s and well all know northerner’s don’t f**k about so when I say that Dust Audio, and it’s sister label Turbine Music, are good – you can take my word for it.

Spirit & Secon – Wildfire / Reminiscence

Latest release: Release – Tu-Rok / Morality
Run by Basher, Proximity and newly formed sub label PROX:LTD has been quiet for a few months after a very hectic release schedule and for good reason; in the very near future they are releasing the debut album from Bredren which I cannot wait for. A label which puts out this many release but maintains its quality and integrity is hard to find.

Kryist – Lab Rat

Latest release: Rainforest – Path Of The Warrior LP
Polish label Monochrome Recordings puts out Drum & Bass in it’s rawest form. Their releases are full of old breaks and heavy bass lines – no compressed snares or screeching synths here. A real nice break from what can be a monotonous stream of ‘bangers’ that are always being released.

Cryogenics – Dark Visions

Avantgarde RecordingsDemand RecordsDiffrent MusicDust AudioFlexout AudioMonochrome RecordingsProtect AudioProximity RecordingsSkutta RecordsTurbine Music

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