Run Tingz & Breakah ft. Doubla J – Fully Loaded (Run Tingz Recordings)

Posted by Adam on 23rd September 2014

Having exploding into the year with a spotless ‘Best Of 2013’ collection and J.Man’s skank-savvy Jungle bomb ‘Road Block’, they’re now ready to unleash their biggest, boldest and most confident manoeuvre to date; Run Tingz Originals. Building on their established pedigree for original vocal productions, Bristol’s leading Jungle imprint digs deeper into the scene’s inherent foundations with the first in a series of completely original musical compositions.

A document of fundamental roots and future; ‘Fully Loaded’ is poised to set the summer festival season ablaze. A joint-force creation by label manager Ed Garrett, Jungle Drummer’s-protégé Tom Derryman (aka. Breakah) and guitar virtuoso Jonny Evans; recorded at the legendary J&J and Invader Studios in Bristol which are owned by none other than Portishead’s Jim Barr and Geoff Barrow, the project is steeped in heritage and rich in contemporary production. Add to this the distinctive lyrical patter of German based vocalist Doubla J; the first of many future projects with Run Tingz, Doubla was headhunted by the label after last year’s impeccable remix of Dread Squad’s ‘Full Time’ on their ‘Digital Rules’ EP. A prize player in this multi-faceted project, his unique vocal talent is already setting a new benchmark in Jungle, Reggae, Hip Hop and Bass Music alike.

Built entirely from organic elements, everything from the warm organ blasts to the slick, sick guitar licks to the party-minded sample discharges and the full-bodied insatiable drums, everything about ‘Fully Loaded’ screams serious class and authenticity. Complete with Doubla’s dancehall dynamics, it’s the first time the label founders have expressed their influences, inspirations and passion at this level… And it leaves you hungry for more!

Run Tingz Recordings

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