INTERVIEW: Karma Talks About His New Single On CYN Music

Posted by Adam on 6th September 2014

Karma has just dropped his new single ‘Back & Forth / Silhouettes‘ on CYN Music so I grabbed 5 minutes with him to see what’s what.

Hi Lloyd! Thanks for taking the time to speak to me. How’s things?
No worries! Yeah things are pretty good cheers, excited to be putting out my third single on CYN and just happy to be making music.

You signed to CYN at the start of this year and you’re just about to put out your 3rd single with them, has much changed in your production style since that first single back in February?
I’ve really got into writing more dance floor orientated music. Prior to the last couple of release I’ve was focusing on the more soulful side of drum and bass, digging for unique samples and building a bespoke backdrop. This is still a major part of my sound by I’m trying to steer away from using samples and begin to work with vocalists as you can hear with the track ‘Silhouettes’.

Tell us about the new single and what is was like working with vocalist Emmy J Mac
It was so refreshing to work with her, she’s so down to earth and relaxed that it made the session really easy. I’m very happy with the out come and looking forward to working on future projects with her. ‘Back & Forth’ was a track I started five years ago and came across it again, I spent a few weeks polishing it up, and that was that!

Back & Forth is deep, dark & heavy (and sick…) which is what we have heard from you in the past but ‘Silhouettes’ is a much more mellow affair – will we be hearing more of this style from you in the future?
Thank you very much, I’m always working on different material and in different moods and this is reflected in my music. I feel like I’ve always wanted to write harder edged drum and bass with heavier elements, but never really had the output or confidence. CYN definitely helped me push that side of things out in my music, and I’m grateful for that.

What are your influences outside of Drum & Bass? Is there a particular musician/producer or genre that you’ll always go to when you’re not making or listening to Drum & Bass?
I’m always listening to different artists from all genres, I like to listen to a lot of world music as well as soul, blues, reggae, hip-hop quite a wide spectrum of music outside of drum and bass.

What are your top 3 DnB tunes at the moment (excluding your own, of course)
It’s hard to pick form three at the moment, there is so much good music coming out, and albums especially. It’s too tough…
Here are three of my favourite tracks that I keep finding myself coming back to though:

Talk us through your studio setup at the moment and, for the aspiring producers out there, what is the one piece of advice you would give someone trying to make it as a producer.
I use a mac book and have taken out the optic drive and replaced it with a solid-state hard drive. I’ve shoved 16gb of ram in there too, which helps when working on large CPU heavy projects.
I use Logic X and I’ve got a Focusrite Sapphire 40 pro audio interface, Virus Ti, Dave Smith Mopho, Yamaha TG77 Tone Generator. I have a Music Man Silhouette electric guitar and lots of effects pedals and random pieces of percussion. I’ve also recently been donated an old Vox AC30 guitar amp from the 70s, it really beaten up but has a great tone.

If I could give anyone any advice regarding writing music it would be to learn to play an instrument and never hope harder than you work.

Is there anything else you want to tell us about?
You can catch me playing at the Bestival this weekend. You can also keep up to date with everything I’m up to at


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