Phase – Albatross EP (Demand Records)

Posted by Adam on 2nd August 2014

Versatile, dependable Swiss label Demand Records are back, showcasing their new Albatross EP by prodigious 18 year old Belgium based producer Phase – an artist whom they first unearthed and exhibited last summer with the vibey, liquid roller pairing of Ways Of Thought/No Doubt – a record which caused quite a stir when it was first released.

Turning up the heat even more, refining and distilling down his production technique and sound into something much more unique and hard hitting, whilst at the same time retaining his original liquid orientated soundscapes, Phase’s new EP combined aspects of rugged, low end experimentation with heady summer vibes. Combining emotional, organic instrumentation with a lovely selection of varied vocal performers – elements that lift the gifted producer out of strictly dancefloor territory into that of real musicianship and song writing – banging, uncluttered beats and downright dutty reese bass work, Phase’s music comes across as a bastard hybrid of epic proportions.

Albatross utilises a selection of classic drum breaks atop an old school referencing 2-step beat with deft vocal work and harmonisation from Viv May, warm, ambient soundscapes and moving piano melodies all lovingly punctuated with twisting stabs of evil bass work.

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Won’t Stop combines jazzy samples, pitched down, delayed vocal samples, rugged drum fills and a ruckus, old school jump up, jungalist sub bass line that is just ready to explode onto dancefloors around the world – what more could you want?

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Mean It returns to his signature liquid vibes uniting sun-soaked Balearic, guitar riddled vibes, with the downright sexy yet pining, longing vocals of frequent collaborator LaMeduza, creating a lush, sensual peak time Ibiza referencing number to watch the setting sun go down too.

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Darkest of Minds closes off the original numbers on the EP with the most hard hitting of Phase’s tunes to date. Despite its initial liquid stylings, which sees a nice vocal sample proclaim that “Evil will sprout in my eyes when the darkest of minds arise” before the tune launches headfirst into Virus/Renegade Hardware-esq bassline banger territory, with evil, well-modulated reese bass work combining with MC Mota’s dread take on DnB toasting to sick effect.

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Despite his young age, Phase has stepped up his production game from his debut release last year to create something that is both singular and emotion as well as hard and dancefloor orientated, in the process truly marking the producer out as someone to keep your eyes on in the future.

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