Jaydrop – Frame Scope EP [Demand Records]

Posted by Adam on 8th July 2014

Demand Records unleash their 22nd release, the Frame Scope EP from Jaydrop. Spreading his sound over four killer tracks, Jaydrop continues his journey which began with Tempa’s Dubstep Allstars Vol 10, to which he contributed the track Blind Run back in early 2013. Since hooking up with Plastician and featuring on Rinse FM, Jaydrop has impressed one and all, and now is setting free his first d&b release with Demand. Get ready for Frame Scope.

The title cut explodes out of your system, never letting go. It slowly builds up, taking a long-range, considered view, with atmospheric features throughout, and a dry, insistent beat. What grabs you is its catchiness, which is soulful yet unusual. Jaydrop views his music in totality, knowing that all elements need to be in sync at all times. On Frame Scope, they most certainly are. Return is up next, with booming bass in the foreground, and an interesting set of effects surrounding it. The producer utilises some skittering beats to complete the picture, with the result being one hell of a future minimal anthem. Imagine Loxy, Ink and crew, but 50 years from now. Serious business. Influx drops it down low in a funky, rhythmic fashion, before adding in layers of drums. It’s bare, it’s raw, but Jaydrop injects his own worldview into the track, imbuing it with life and vision. Infectious, alarming, and set to be a monster in the clubs, this one is a standout.

The EP is drawn to a close by Blip On The Radar, which features Live Mic, on which a nightmarish night time world is created, with the MC’s rhymes adding weight to the plan of attack which consists of dubstep-like beats and a trailer load of bass. Jaydrop’s tracks don’t exactly attack, instead they stalk you when you least expect it. Music for the new generation, the next generation. The future, large.

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