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Posted by Adam on 31st July 2014

His new album Polyphony has just been released so I caught up with Matt Gresham aka Logistics to see what’s what and how things have changed since his first album back in 2006.


Hi Matt! First off congrats on the album. How’s things?
Thanks! I’m good, I’m currently at home at the moment, I have my album launch tonight so I’m just gathering new music for that.

The album has been described as “A return to the classic Hospital sound”. Tell us a bit about the feel of the album and how it differs from your last album ‘Fear Not’
Compared to ‘Fear Not’ it’s more of a return to my early sound back when I first signed with Hospital. I also wanted the album to have a summery and laid back vibe to it. ‘Fear Not’ was very synth led and with this album I was keen for it have more of an organic feel to it in places.

With this being your 5th album has your approach changed since your debut LP back in 2006?
Whilst my production has progressed I still think I have pretty much the same approach to making music now as I did back then. I always try and make sure I make music for myself rather than to try and gain radio play or smash the charts. The one thing that has changed is that I don’t sample as much anymore. Most of the music I make these days is made from scratch.

As Sure As Sunrise (feat Hugh Hardie)

Chris Goss once said in an interview that one of the hardest things about working on a Logistics album is the sheer amount of music that you make – is this still the case?
I still make tonnes of music but these days I try and finish as much of it as possible so that results in me sending less demos than I used to.

What is your studio setup like and what’s the 1 piece of kit/software that you absolutely couldn’t live without?
At the moment I’m working on Ableton on a Mac which is sometimes Rewired with Reason. I then have a bunch of hardware processing and also a few hardware synths. I think the one piece of studio equipment I love the most is a moogerfooger 12 stage phaser that I have, it just has the warmest tone to it that sounds incredible when you run synths or guitars through it.


Give us your top 3 tracks at the moment that never leave your DJ bag.
Break – They’re Wrong (Calibre alternative remix)
Subwave – Deadhead
Metrik ft Elizabeth Troy – All my Love

A lot of aspiring producers look up to you as an inspiration because of the astounding level of success you’ve had – any words of wisdom for those trying to get into producing?
I’d say just spend as much time as you can working on music, listening to other peoples music and finding inspiration for your own productions. If you have enough passion for it then you’ll almost certainly get there in the end! Also always try and be original, there’s so much music out there these days that if you come with something nobody has heard before you’ll be far more likely to stand out.


Finally is there anything else you want to tell us about?
I’ve got two remixes coming out over the next few months, one is for Above and Beyond with a track called ‘Blue Sky Action’ and the other is for Saint Raymond’s ‘I Want You’.

Thanks Matt!

Amazingly there are still some copies of the vinyl left which you can get from the Hospital shop or failing that you can buy the digital version here.

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