Future Roots – Common Ground EP [Subculture Music]

Posted by Adam on 18th July 2014

Maztek’s Subculture label are back, shaking things up with their new release, the awe-inspiring Common Ground EP. This time around, the Italian imprint takes on a multi-artist approach, with tracks in the collection from Crimson, Offbeats, Wreckless, Neve, Bayou and Zubee. The range of talent on display shows just how hard the label work to secure the best artists who are releasing the hottest music. All of the producers add their own particular touches to their work, guaranteeing a quality and diversity which is hard to find elsewhere.

Crimson’s frankly huge Dub Specialist kicks things off, with its tough, sinewy approach to the sound. In between the winding, grinding bass, Crimson inserts some devastating beats, and creates an involving, invigorating soundscape, full of twists and turns. No better way to start the EP, Dub Specialist is truly the shape of things to come. Wreckless enters the Mist next, trading a light, flowing intro for a rolling, techy main section which brings in elements of classic-era techstep in the beats, whilst maintaining the atmosphere of the track with some amazing synths and samples. Amongst Wreckless’ best work to date, this one will keep you coming back for more.

Next, Offbeats slides in with Where Have You Gone, an urgent, skittering piece which enfolds you into its internal logic, breaking down walls and smashing speakers. Weighing in on the low end, Offbeats keeps everything tight with some precision engineering of vocals samples and effects. Finally, Neve, Bayou and Zubee all pour into the frighteningly good Get Frisky. Gliding down from a great height, this grimy monster finishes off the EP in style, with electronic beats surrounding a central core of funky, chugging bass, MC rhymes straight from the top of the dome and a clear ear for what is going to go off in the clubs.
The Common Ground EP will set the standard for months and years to come, so you owe it to yourself to get involved right now.

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