Bop – Punk’s Not Dead (Med School Music)

Posted by Adam on 20th July 2014

Bop is back with this 3rd album on Med School Music and after the success of the first 2 the bar has been set very high.

The Russian producer stays true to his own brand of Drum & Bass that he calls Microfunk whilst not letting his music become stale and predictable.

I love how obscure this album is and I love Med School for releasing it. After the much more traditional Drum & Bass albums from like likes of Royalston, Etherwood and Keeno ‘Punk’s Not Dead’ is a reminder of what Med School is all about and where it came from.

And for me one of the best things about an album like this is that someone wearing neon sunglasses and an #EDM t-shirt will never understand it…

Punk’s Not Dead? More like Microfunk’s Not Dead.

Release date: 28.07.14 – Click here to buy (CD, Digital & Vinyl)

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