Xtrah – No Good / Directive Feat. Mikal (Metalheadz)

Posted by Adam on 15th May 2014

Metalheadz Platinum is back with a debut from drum n bass finest newcomer Xtrah with tracks ‘No Good’ and ‘Directive’ alongside Headz crew member and co-conspirator Mikal.

‘No Good’ sees Xtrah fusing his musical leanings with his technical prowess. The intro is awash with atmosphere and much scene setting, eventually giving way to the vocal refrain that sums up the vibe of the track very well – Its about the dark nature of beauty and everything this entails. The track concerns itself with dark atmospheres and soulful tones, showing an unseen maturity to Xtrah’s production.

“Directive” is very much a clash between Mikal and Xtrah, it’s a bass workout that you would expect from the pair. The stepping drums are accented by drum and percussion fills adding to the uncompromising nature of the track, basses snake and contort around the drums encouraging one to screwface whilst eerie FX and strings add an element of mystery to proceedings.

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