INTERVIEW: Royalston talks about his new album ‘OCD’

Posted by Adam on 15th February 2014

On the 17th February Royalston’s debut album ‘OCD’ drops on Med School Music. I managed to grab 5 minutes with the man himself during his visit to the UK.

Hi Dylan! Thanks for taking the time to chat to us. How are you?
Good, thanks.

You’re in the UK at the moment for a few weeks; what are you up to whilst you’re over here?
I’m doing a few gigs, trying to catch up with people who have visited me in Sydney and also just sightseeing/ watching the Olympics. I’m trying to find a 50 metre pool too.

Right, it’s time to talk OCD and I suppose the first question has to be what inspired the title OCD for the album?
The title comes from one of the tracks on my album which I originally named after the way my girlfriend cleans her house. You could eat off her kitchen floor. In the end, the title came to refer to my obsession with sound and my annoying habit of changing mixdowns. Every producer is like this to some extent though.

As far as I know this is your first album – how did you find working on an album compared to singles/EPs?
An album is obviously a lot harder to finish than an EP. It took a long (long) time and had its moments where I was completely over it. Now that its almost out, it has been really rewarding seeing people like it and seeing the final finished product. The vinyl looks really cool!

Normally I would ask what your personal favourite track on the album is but it’s that good I won’t make you choose just one. Tell me a bit about your 3 favourite tracks from the album.
Kronos – I’m happy with the way this track progresses and that I was able to get some big musical changes in the track, without seeming out of place.

Black Cloud – This one came together easily thanks to the vocals of Victoria. When I heard them for the first time I got chills which is the effect I’m looking for. I love tracks that come together easily for a change.

Grab on & Growl – This one started a long time ago as a techno style jam on a drum machine. I’m not sure exactly why its a favourite but I’m really happy with how it sounds big yet has a weird groove.

On the last Hospital podcast you spoke about your studio setup – what’s your favourite bit of kit you’re using at the moment?
I dont think you can beat Ableton Live for versatility. In the hardware world I have something called a SND FB-14S Fixed filter bank. It is 14 fixed resonant filters each with their own transistor with a gain of +40db. It is basically a stereo multiband analog distortion/ eq that really fucks shit up (in a nice way).

Any top tips for the aspiring producers out there?
Keep it simple- musically and in your setup. Less gear but the best quality you can afford. Hardware doesn’t sound better, just different. Work on it everyday. Don’t give up after a year (or ten years) if you haven’t ‘made it’, whatever the hell that means. Learn an instrument. Do something different.

There has been a bit of a gap between your last release and this album – can we expect more music in 2014?
I hope so… I have plenty of music stored up & unreleased.

Finally, is there anything else you want to tell us about
I’m playing Leeds Hospitality on the 21st of Feb. It’s probably my last UK gig for a while so come and check it out –

Thanks Dylan!

If you want to put your OCD to the test whilst listening to a preview of the album head over to

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