Dimension – Command / Pathogen [CYN Music]

Posted by Adam on 22nd January 2014

Absolutely love this from one of my favourite labels, CYN music.

‘Command’ delivers a destructively catchy vocal which rides a bouncing metronomic bass line. Dimension draws for his trademark synths and main arena vibes. Uplifting and emotive, this is a fuel injection straight to the beating heart of the dance floor. 

While ‘Command’ draws the people in, ‘Pathogen’ gets the pistons moving and is the roaring engine under the hood of this release. As the wires integrate and pulse, this hazardous mechanical beast is spreading it’s chemical overdose worldwide. The thunderous revving bass is like a drag race between anthrax and ecstasy. 

Call in the HazMat team and get yourself on lockdown – this one’s causing irreparable damage and you’ll be a carrier before you know it.

CYN MusicDimension

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