Colossus – Foundations EP [Soul Deep Recordings]

Posted by Adam on 19th December 2013

Colossus bursts upon the scene with 4 stunning cuts of Liquid lushness. The opening track of the EP, “Foundations of Life”, blows you mind with wobbling basslines, epic pads, and amazing, soulful vocals. “Clarity” brings a deep, subdued vibe to the EP. The song features a wandering piano sample, beautiful piano chords, a soft female vocal, and a gritty, underlying bassline. The next track, “Ain’t Too Proud”, features a tasteful, soulful vocal sample, swirling efx, a pulsating synth pad, and a steady but rocking bassline that suits the tune perfectly. The last track is a beautiful vocal tune featuring the talented singer, DnBethh. The song features lush, melancholic piano chords, edgy mid bass stabs, and smooth, floating pad sounds. From beginning to end this release is a masterpiece. Colossus is one to watch moving forward.

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ColossusSoul Deep Recordings

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