Karma – Her Touch / Salute [CYN Music]

Posted by Adam on 13th October 2013

On an island somewhere between the mainland and a time forgotten sits new CYN signee Karma, contemplating beats, samples and dusty vinyl. ‘Her Touch’ b/w ‘Salute’ follows on from his luscious remix of Dimension’s ‘All I Need’ and showcases quite how special this young man is.

This guy is a purveyor of pure vibes, infusing drum and bass with the soul it’s been crying out for. The deep, oceanic swirl of ‘Her Touch’ will transport you through time to the smoke filled backrooms of the Blue Note era. Jazz players making melodies cry while heads nod and weave to the beat. This is real liquid, a deft artform Karma’s catapulting into 2013.

‘Salute’ shows the moodier, darker side to Karma’s personality. While the A side is the sound of soul passing through a late night jazz club, this is the monster waiting in the alleyway out back. This tune creates a syncopated and robotic reaction from crowds – People just mould and sway as one, shuddering dance floors into submission.

It’s easy to see why everyone should have a piece of Karma in their life. You get what you give, and boy does this guy give it everything he’s got.

Release date: 14/10/13 Click here to buy this release

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