Maldini – Ghost Town EP [Cause4Concern Recordings]

Posted by Adam on 28th July 2013

Brand new EP from Maldini, out 29/07/13.

Ghost Town

The title track begins with a slowly-evolving lilt, into which is injected some interesting percussion and effects, before a rolling drop takes things into a new direction, with future funk and killer beats the order of the day. Ripe with classic-sounding leads and synths, the cut will please both Bad Company purists and connoisseurs of the tech-funk sound. Retro and contemporary in equal measure, Ghost Town is surely some of Maldini’s best work to date.


Amazon is up next, which opens out into a steadfastly dancefloor-oriented track, with some very neat engineering work throughout. Layers are added around a central set of drum effects, with some pulsating atmospherics behind. Somewhat reminiscent of the Shogun sound, this one still sticks very much to its own path. Growing and developing, the heads will appreciate Amazon’s complexity and uniqueness.


Sphere meanwhile is like nothing you’ve heard before. An anticipatory build up results in one almighty drop, where Maldini’s signature beats come to the fore, as they punch their way through the void. Surrounding the drums are some awe-inspiring effects, and a palpable sense of urgency built into the production. Feel the energy, feel the rush and take flight with Sphere.

Blood Money

Summoning up all his magical skills on the closer, Maldini presents Blood Money. A summation of his powers and direction, this tear-out killer will destroy systems and dancefloors alike. Humming bass filters around some sharp twists and turns, reminding us of the past in some dark corners, before hurtling head-on into the future. The groove, the swagger and the skills are all there, and anyone trapped in Blood Money will never be able to escape.

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