Liquid Technology Vol. 1 [Terabyte Records]

Posted by Adam on 30th July 2013

Terabyte Records’ seventh instalment marks an exciting break from the norm. Minimal, leftfield vibes have temporarily halted as Terabyte present the first of their liquid series, ‘Liquid Technology’. With the days stretching out, Volume 1 is packed with sonic treats of a softer variety from co-founder Altered Perception, a second instalment for Automate, and a debut from Zach Herer, and more an expression of pure creativity than an collection of DJ tools; an EP custom-made for blissful summer days.

‘The Rain’ is as heartfelt and melancholic as you’ll get. With a film-score ambience running throughout, light toms and excellent percussive elements, Altered Perception and Zach Herer guide you through a musical daydream, entranced by the raindrops at the window. Strongly reminiscent of Calibre’s recent work, it achieves the same kind of gorgeous simplicity with a no-frills approach and gently pulsating lower frequencies that start at in the small of your back and, like soft fingers, work their way up into your mind.

Altered Perception takes the second track on the EP, ‘Lunar’. Another dreamy release from the label boss, with a solid, rounded percussion, a heart-aching piano riff and a bassline that purrs underneath. A marked change in style for Altered Perception- his more industrial and jump-up influences have been put on hold here to make way for this varied but equally as impressive approach.

The third track on the EP, ‘Bitter Expanse (Altered Perception VIP)’, is a VIP that has been knocking around since Terabyte’s inception. Technicalities prevented the original from seeing the light of day (although its recovery may yet be seen), yet a combo of a wonderfully intricate drum beat similar to that of D-Bridge or Instra:mental, and moody, liquid roller vibe ensure this VIP would not be out of place in the Commix Fabriclive mixtape.

The final track on the EP comes from Automate. His second release on Terabyte, ‘Shuffle Hustle’ simultaneously references jungle, jazz and old school funk, giving this track an air of happy optimism. One for the MP3 players and in-car audio, this is earworm material.

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