Five Minutes With: Semtex Audio

Posted by Adam on 7th June 2013

We grabbed 5 minutes with DJ Friller to chat about his label Semtex Audio and what we can expect from the jump up label.

Tell us a bit about you and how the label came about.

Well it came around because of a couple reasons, me and my good friend harry bizzle could see there was a lack of quality been put out and we both think we have a pretty good ear for music so decided to start our own label to try and get some more quality out there. Also I was starting to make tunes with another good friend of mine DJ Ruffstuff and wanted a platform to put music on that I had control of, so then Semtex Audio was born!

Are you keen to stick to one particular style of Drum & Bass or will you expand into other genres or sub-genres?

We are a predominantly a jump up label, but we have also put out a few rolling tunes, but if the quality is there and we think people will like it we will put it out there.

You have 2 releases coming up soon, tell us about the forthcoming EP from Version.

The next EP we got dropping is from a artist who goes by the name of VERSION, he is someone I have been keeping a eye on for a while, its only a matter of time before he blows up, his production skills are second to none and he’s a top bloke so really looking forward to getting his EP out, it’s going to be called turning the tides EP and has something for everyone on there, it should be dropping mid summer.

What is your process for finding music for the label? Do you rely on demos and artists that you already work with or do you spend time scouting for music?

Well i get sent loads of demos sent over to my aim, which is frillerdj if anyone wants to send me music to listen to. I’m lucky to have a good network of people behind me that always send me music or send producers who make quality music my way, but yea its a bit of everything always looking out for music.

Tell us about the next single coming out.

The next single a side is a massive track called ‘Nightmares’ by Nu Elementz, these guys have really pushed on this year and this track have been getting huge support from some of the biggest names in the scene. On the flip is a collaboration between Nu Elementz and Profile called ‘Storybook’, again this track has been getting huge support so hopefully it will be a very successfully release.

Nu Elemetz – Nightmares

Nu Elemetz & Profile – Storybook

What’s next for the label? Anything in the pipeline you want to share?

Loads of tunes in the pipeline from myself and ruffstuff, filthy habbits, dj origin, damage report. We are also co hosting ruffstuffs birthday bash at club hidden on the 15th of June so make sure you cop your tickets for that one!

Finally, would you rather fight one horse sized duck or 100 duck sized horses?

I will fight all of at once with my hands tied behind my back!

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