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Posted by Adam on 22nd May 2013

We featured Default recordings first release a couple of weeks ago and we were really impressed so we took five minutes f

We took five minutes with Flapjack and Piercey to find out a bit more about the label

First off, you’re a new label, so why don’t you tell us about Default Recordings

Flapjack: Default Recordings first came about back in 2003 whilst i was experimenting making tunes with Coolhand Flex and vocalist Cat Knight in my home studio and getting advice from them in music production. In the early days we made many tunes together but never actually got round to releasing them. I already had vinyl releases back in 1997 on Dj Raps label Proper Talent (Dj Rap & Flapjack Rumble Remix) and sub-label Unique Muzique (Gulfbreeze”/”Lucid Dreams) and Desires label S.U.S Recordings (Final Solution”/”Reverb) and thought the next step is to have my own label and continue to hone my producing skills. For a while Default Recordings was on hold as I had a full time job and not much time on my hands but always had the intention to re-launch the label at some point in the future. After recently meeting up with Piercey who I met at work and found out he produced tracks I got introduced to IDC and I saw a lot of potential in them both. With this in mind and the other artists I had on the label previously (Coolhand Flex, QST & Cat Knight) i decided to re-launch the label with Piercey & IDC helping out. Having two others on board has helped alot in spreading out the workload getting the label up & running again and also bouncing ideas off each other. With the help of Cygnus Music for our digital distribution and label management Default Recordings was re-born.

What made you want to setup your own label? What do you feel will set you apart from the rest?

Flapjack: I set up Default Recordings to have an avenue to release our music without having to conform to the restraints of other labels and also having more control over what we release and when. I had played at many raves/events up and down the country since 1991 (Desire, Raindance, Dreamscape, Helter Skelter to name a few) as well as abroad (Lifeline in Germany, Amsterdam, Sweden), had some releases on vinyl back in 1997 and I just saw it as the next step to take. I think that with all the amount of years between all of the Default artists being active within the Drum & Bass scene this will show within our music and this will help set us apart and give us a unique label. We aim to produce music that will catch the attention of the listener incorporating styles that the Default Recordings artists have experienced from the early Acid House era and Hardcore days right through to the present Drum & Bass scene today. Our aim at Default Recordings is to bring you the best quality Drum & Bass to the masses with an underground flavor.

Your first release, from Q.S.T., is out now. Tell us a bit about it.

I first met QST back in 2005 when he approached me at a Raindance I was playing at, gave me a cd with his tracks on and asked me to listen to them, I knew straight away he had serious potential and have stayed in touch with him ever since. The first release on Default Recordings was always going to be a hard one as we wanted to make an impact straight away but we feel we have achieved this with QST due to his unique style and versatility. QST’s versatility is what prompted us to use his first release Yellow / Red Dwarf to showcase this and attract a wider audience.

Both tracks have a very distinctive sound. Is this a sound that you are going to be sticking with or will you be exploring other styles of Drum & Bass too?

We have many Artists on the label with each having their own distinctive sound but they are also all very versatile who don’t just stick to one sound. This is showcased by our first release from QST with Yellow being the more “Liquid” sound and Red Dwarf having a more deeper vibe. If the track is well made and has appeal then we will release it, Default Recordings is about promoting different styles not just sticking to one formula, if it’s a good, well produced track we will release it. With the artists under the Default umbrella we will incorporate the many styles that make up the Drum & Bass genre.

How do you approach finding music for the label? Do you rely on demos or do you actively look for new signings?

I have been lucky in the fact that some of the Artists on the label such as Coolhand Flex, QST & Cat Knight I have known for a long time so I already knew what they were about. We are always looking for new artists and we have a dropbox folder on our website ( that you can use to upload tracks to our soundcloud page.

What can we expect next from Default?

We have some great music coming from the Default artists which we are all really excited about. The next release after QST is the legendary Coolhand Flex with Master/Soundboy in July (DEFAULT002) then after that we have DSP, IDC, Piercey and then another release from QST. Cat Knight who has had releases on labels Viper Recordings, Subsonik, Metro will be working alongside the Default artists with her amazing vocals. We are also going to have a launch night for the label hopefully in June/July, watch this space for more info on that.

Anything else you want to tell us about?

In the near future we have Saxxon one half of Savage Rehab from the mighty V Records will be doing an exclusive remix of a Default track for us so keep your eyes peeled for that later this year……

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